The cost of registering each product is 17,000 Tomans. The product registration fee is charged only once for each product. This cost is for searching about the product, SEO of the product page, correcting the product description and photos, adding appropriate content to the product description and paragraphing, etc. Also, the cost of product registration causes:
1. The seller should register his products more carefully.
2. The seller should care about the product he registers.
3. The seller should not register the product just to introduce his product or to test it. but to be committed to long-term cooperation.
4. If the seller wants to register many products, he should pay for it so that he does not cancel after a while. Because after the seller's products are activated and his products are indexed in Google, if the seller gives up and his products are disabled, it will cause irreparable damage to the site's rank.

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